"Eternal Eclipse" (feat. Melotika)  available on Jan. 5th, 2021

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"Undead Nightmare is an album that has a fun and engaging energy about it. Lazer Squad is clearly a producer who takes real pleasure in creating enjoyable music because it certainly shines through on this album!"

Karl Magi on Hubpages.com

"Undead Nightmare is great synthwave sound design with cool rhythms and melodies. The long reverb bell in the title Undead Nightmare alone is worth listening it! Favorite track: Undead Nightmare."

Mike Templar on BandCamp

"From metal to synth wave; Lazer Squad masters it all. Recently his great debut album ¨Undead Nightmare¨ was released. What else can we expect from this sympathetic musician? Time for an interview."

Sander Mebus on Synthwavefan.nl

It was a hard choice between maniac cop and awesome wells for me, but the entire album is amazing. Every song is an earworm and will stick with you for quite some time. Beautiful melodies and awesome use of bass with intricate percussion, all around a wonderful album! Favorite track: Maniac Cop. - The Institute 91’

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